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Dear Friend,

After years of playing quarterback at the high school and college football level, I traded in my Hail Mary's for high fives and began coaching my son's youth team.  Soon after my coaching career began, I found myself bombarded with questions from fellow coaches.  They'd catch a quick glance at my unique football drills and plays and want to learn more. 

Soon, I began running clinics for local coaches, sharing my favorite drills, practice plans and plays that I'd picked up during my 15+ years as a player. 

Simply put- I know what works and what doesn't.

During one of my clinics, a guy encouraged me to write a book detailing out a season's worth of drills and practice plans so that he "wouldn't have to think" in his volunteer coaching position for his son's team.  I liked the idea.    

After a year in the making,  "Football Drills and Practice Plans" is now available exclusively on the Internet.  This limited time offer contains:

25 "Clipboard Ready" Practice Plans
Printable and Ready for Instant Use!

While I can't promise that you won't have to think, I can promise that my Football Practice Plans will take the stress out of your coaching job.  I've done it all, you just show up:

  • 25 Ready-made minute-by-minute coaching practice plans, customizable for the novice, intermediate, or expert coach.  I design the practice... you focus on your team's individual needs!
  • 50+ EFFECTIVE football drills explained with step by step instructions.  I GUARANTEE you will find one you didn't know.

  • Jam packed with battle-tested Quarterback drills that will have your QB playing like Joe Montana:
    • Roll out Passing
    • Progression with Defenders
    • Passing Tree
  • Get out of the practice rut!  Players like variety.  There is life after laps around the field .
  • Parents:  Give your little guy a headstart over the competition with a dozen drills designed just for "future stars"!
    • Catching Triangle
    • Run The Gauntlet
    • Tackle Form
  • Stand out from other coaches.  Your professionalism persona will skyrocket (even if this is all new to you!).
  • Coaching Tips for each drill to meet the individual needs of your players.
  • Printable practice plans- clipboard ready.  All the fun of coaching, without the hassle.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake new coaches make.  Don't embarass yourself by making this classic blunder!
  • Fifteen ALL-NEW drills for your receivers.  Be the first coach in your league to uncover these radical techniques
    • Over the Shoulder
    • Cones and Cuts
    • Cut Up Field
  • The KEY to getting players motivated to put in FULL EFFORT each time they take to the field.
  • Unique, innovative drills that will add FUN into your practices 
  • Inject intensity into your practices with rigorous Game Preparation drills.   You'll learn:
    • Blitz the QB
    • Hole Numbers
    • Read & Recognize Skeleton
  • Your players (and their parents) will be amazed at the improvement possible in just one season
  • Featuring over a dozen Tackling drills, including:
    • Against the Blocks
    • Agility Tackle
    • Read & Recognize
  • Think of the time you'll save.....I do all the planning, you show up and have fun! 
  • Discover the secret Blocking drills that will make your offense unstoppable
    • Open the Hole
    • Block the Backer
    • Roll Over & Recover

Here's what other coaches are saying:

Since most of our youth coaches are dads who may have played years ago or not at all, I'm always lofootball drillsoking for resources that can effectively explain drills and show how to plan an effective practice. Steve's guide has helped these dads become more organized and our kids are leaning more and having fun. 

Gary Wynn,
Solomons Steelers
St. Leonard, MD

Steve's drills get you back to the basics. We implemented these drills in our day to day practice schedule and took our 11 year old team to a 12-0 record. Thanks Steve, fundamentals are the key to any team's success.

Coach Frank
Suwanee, Georgia

As a first time youth head football coach, I was looking for a book that would help me run drills andfootball plays set up practice. Steve's book has helped me immensely. Now there is a good tempo to practice with new drills, and the kids love it!

Mike Dutra
Coastal Tritons Pee Wee Football
San Diego, California

"After trying other training guides I tried "Football Drills & Practice Plans" and realized this was the best choice for my guys. This is exceptional work and I recommend it for every young coach out there trying to get started.

Vincent Cokley
Norfolk, Va

After 14 years of coaching football I have run a little short on ideas. This book has given me some new drills to use and new practice formats to look at.

Cougar Coach
Kodak, Tn.

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of Football  know-how that is designed specifically for coaches.  And its organized into fully searchable chapters, so you'll actually use it over and over.

And what's really exciting is that

You Can Be Reading It
90 Seconds From Now!

Coaches who attend my clinic pay up to $150 to get just a portion of this knowledge.  As a special introductory Internet Offer, you can get the complete reference for just $37.77. That's a savings of over $110. 

And what's really exciting is that Football Practice Plans is a downloadable ebook.  Just place your secure order, and you'll have instant access to it.  No waiting for the mailman to show up.  No shipping and handling fee.  That's an additional $6.00 saving right there.

$37.77 is peanuts compared to the results you'll achieve.  Click here now to place your secure order.

Still not convinced?

There's something else I'd love to offer you...


Lifetime Updates!

 As part of this Internet Introductory Offer,

 You'll Get access to unlimited "Football Drills and Practice Plans" updates.

That's right, all updated versions, addition features, bonuses, etc. will be sent right to your inbox.  FREE!

You'll have the latest information before anyone else.

Special Bonus Guide 
In addition to "Lifetime Updates",
You'll Get another $35 Bonus Gift.....
Football Tryout Secrets
•    Learn the closely guarded secrets of my Team Selection Matrix, a scientific approach to evaluating your pool of talent
•    How to choose the optimal number of players for your team - targeted advice for all levels of competition
•    Insider tips on how to announce your cuts (Here's a hint: posting the team roster on a bulletin board is bound to backfire!)
•    How to pick the best players for the end of your bench.  This time-tested secret may surprise you!
•    What to look for when filling each of the positions for your team.  Detailed skill requirements for every spot in your line-up.
•    A fresh approach on the value of Attitude, Coachability, Athleticism, and Potential.  How to decide the importance of these factors when selecting your team


You can be downloading the ebook in 
just 90 Seconds!

And it keeps getting better.  I'm so confident you're going to love the book, I'm giving you this outrageous guarantee:


football coaching
If you aren't completely satisfied with the drills & practice plans in my book

You'll get a 100%
No Hassle Refund!

But the book is yours to keep no matter what!

There are no if's, and's, or but's about it!

If  "Football Practice Plans" doesn't improve your team 100%, just send me an email and I'll give you a complete refund.

And I'll let you keep the book for free!

That's about as fair as it gets. Click here to order now! You have absolutely no risk whatsoever!

There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

Either you love it or you get a refund and keep everything for free.

Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

With my "No-Hassle" guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk... and everything to gain!

I know you'll be overjoyed with "Football Practice Plans".  And I know you'll be thrilled when the wins start rolling in.

Wishing you success in the years to come.

Good Practicing,

Steve Tucker


P.S.  The Internet Introductory low price of only $37.77 is part of a market test I'm conducting.  The books have previously sold for $75 offline at national clinics.  Once I've completed my market test, I'll be putting the price back to normal levels. 


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